"It's good... for gluten free."


Can we all just take a second and think about this statement?

So often we sacrifice service for speed, quality for price, and taste for health. Food should taste good. Period. End of story. Especially if you're paying top dollar for it, like you do when you decide to eat out. We understand that people have specific diets that they wish to follow for any number of reasons, and we make a conscious effort to accommodate everyone who walks through our doors.

With more and more people opting for flour free fair, we wanted to add a few more menu items to offer to our gluten sensitive crowd. 

Introducing Gluten Free Pot Pies! 

Jody and Rita, the masterminds behind this COCO creation, have known one another for quite a few years now. Jody is, wait for it, Rita's son's wife's sister. Really. I went there.  It only made sense for the two of them to collaborate when they crossed paths in the workplace.

Rita has an affliction for pastries, and a background in home style fare. While Jody, with a masters degree focusing on gastroenterology and immunology, and a celiac diagnosis paired up to create this product. Jody's nutrient dense gluten free flour mixture came after years product trials in her own home. She came up with the perfect blend of alternate grains to attain the tastes and texture she recalled from her favourite treats. The combination of Jody's flour and Rita's traditional filling made a product that makes it okay to drop the "...for gluten free," because it's just good!

Though selections may vary day to day, we have added Turkey, Chicken, Beef and Veggie Pot Pies to our freezer stock. Call ahead to see what we have on hand 250-323-2223.